Competency Training

Safe operation in hazardous areas requires specialized knowledge by everyone from management to maintenance. ATEC delivers a range of training and education programs designed to provide every corporate level with the appropriate tools to understand safe operations in hazardous areas. Our courses and customized training programs can significantly reduce COST and the potential for catastrophic events, ensuring that everyone involved in Hazardous-Area Design, Installation, Maintenance or Management has the required knowledge to ensure compliance and most importantly, SAFETY.



  • ExF – Foundation
  • Ex01 – Ex04 – IEC Electrical/Instrumentation Assessment
  • NEC 505/API RP 14 FZ Ex01 – Ex04 – NEC Electrical/Instrumentation Assessment
  • NEC 500/API RP 14 F (Pending Ex01 – Ex04) – NEC Electrical/Instrumentation Assessment
  • Ex11– Mechanical
  • Ex12 – Design




E-Learning by ATEC

  • ATEC eLearning is an effective and efficient training platform designed for those with busy schedules, project time constraints and a need to minimize time employees spend off site.





  • Develop people who have not had exposure to the industrial workforce.
  • Offers skills training at a basic level using a building block approach.
  • Builds a strong foundation of basic practices used in the industrial workspace.


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